Residential and Commercial Building Inspections

  • Pre-Purchase

  • Pre-Listing

  • Property Assessment

  • House or Condominium


Roof, Chimney, Gutters & downspouts, Wall surfaces, Windows, Doors, Foundation, Grading, Sidewalk, Driveway, Landscaping, Deck


Garage, Attic, Flooring, Ceiling, Walls, Windows, Doors, Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace & Chimney, Basement, Crawl space


Plumbing - Supply Type, Piping Material, Water Pressure, Valves, Pumps, Drains, Fixtures, Water Heater, Main Water Shut Off, Backflow, Leakages, Corrosion

Electrical - Service Drop, Service Equipment, Electrical Panel, Main Disconnect Ampacity, Points of Service, Exposed wiring / Terminations, Circuit Polarity, Outdated wiring, GFCI/AFCI, GEC, Ground Bonds, Safety Switches, Receptacles

HVAC - Furnaces, Heat pumps, Air Conditioners, Wiring and Control Unit, Blower Assembly, Thermostat Operation and Programming, Quality of Installation, Ventilation, Condenser and Evaporator Coil, Vents, Ducts, Registers 

Insulation - Type, Depth, Density, Amount, Value, Vapor Barrier, Consistency, Placement


The report will demonstrate the condition of the building at the time of the inspection. It will highlight any defects, indications of future defects and recommendations on improvements of any substandard work.

The report may also include an owner’s monitoring and (ongoing) maintenance guide.